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  • Please be careful to use the correct web address - There is no charge for the use of JobGateway® web services.

  • When creating your Keystone ID (Username) try something unusual - a combination of letters and numbers often works well. If you try a fairly common name or word you may find that it is already in use by someone else. There are many users on the JobGateway® system and no two people can have the same Keystone ID (Username).

  • Upon registration you will be assigned a random Participant ID Number - write this number down - it can be used instead of your Social Security Number when you call, write, or e-mail the PA CareerLink® office.

  • Make sure you have completed your "Resume" and "Job Preferences" section and have indicated that you are available for job matching. This is important when employers are searching for potential applicants for their job openings. When employers search, the system matches with the preferences you entered.

  • Take a look at your contact information/methods! Don’t use an e-mail address that sounds unprofessional or that an employer could find offensive. This doesn’t mean you have to change your e-mail address, you can always set up a free e-mail account with Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail to use for your job search efforts. If you have voicemail or an answering machine be careful of your greeting message - don't use blaring music, silly, lengthy, or offensive greetings. What your friends or relatives find amusing may not be to a potential employer.

  • Check your JobGateway® resume to make sure all of your information is up to date (address, phone, job history, etc.). If there are changes to be made do it BEFORE you start looking at job openings. That way your resume is up to date and current if you apply for a job through the JobGateway® website.

  • When you apply for jobs on the JobGateway® website, make sure you follow all of the instructions for each job. After clicking on the Job Title, you will see details of the job. This page contains an overview and summary of the job. The JobGateway® system includes Registered Employers as well as job postings from other websites, instructions will vary depending upon the source. Make sure you read each page carefully for contact and/or application instructions from the employer.

  • Having problems with the JobGateway® website? Have you noticed there is a HELP link at the top of every page? (Note: You may have to disable any pop-up blockers you have on your computer to use the Help menus.)

For more tips on using the PA CareerLink® and JobGateway® websites to your advantage for your job search, check out our workshops! Click here for more information on our workshops.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 570-325-2701 or come in to our office located at 69 Broadway in Jim Thorpe, PA. Our Career Resource Center is always staffed and we are ready to help you.


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